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Maybe this will help…

How may we see past our confusion I’m coming to realize there’s something that must puzzle anyone coming to these essays unable to decipher what’s being proposed. We expect a certain trajectory. An ideological position to be established and pieces written to support or further a position. An argument is made for or against. DisagreementContinue reading “Maybe this will help…”

Alternative Facts…

While we obsess over theirs, what about our own? Here’s a statement that might begin to seem less implausible this year than it was a little while back. The arc of the Twentieth Century was not a victory over totalitarianism. It was a battle between its various flavors. This post will fill you in on the arcContinue reading “Alternative Facts…”

Outside the fence

The nearest I’ve come to having a Tweet go viral came when I recently responded to a video showing deadly aggression among wolves as seen through a chain-link fence. My first volley was to state, “This isn’t nature.” This was answered by a claim that the fence was there to surround — and presumably protect — the people watchingContinue reading “Outside the fence”

On Painting

notes to a fellow painter I’ve been thinking about your paintings and what you wrote about them. Part of the reason I’ve waited to respond has been wanting time for my thoughts to percolate. It’s so good that you’re painting. Carving the time and dealing with the logistics. That’s tremendous and shows the tenacity I alwaysContinue reading “On Painting”