Chefs and Sea Captains

Chefs and sea captains and drill sergeants and Zen masters have been born in and borne by a legacy of abuse passed down the generations. It would be easy to condemn them outright for their aggression, but only if we fail to look at their motivations…. There is something widespread and deeply similar behind whatContinue reading “Chefs and Sea Captains”

What we don’t know

The absence of information is information. Detecting a lie we discover something true. Every obstacle is a potential gift. If we put these together it’s possible to see how we can gain by coming to realize that not only do we not know what is going on. We cannot know. Not in the sense thatContinue reading “What we don’t know”

A Man in a Boat

We rush towards some destination looking at where and how. Scheming after best course, best speed. Do we ever consider stillness anything but an impediment? Calling it the Doldrums? Thinking only of stagnation, frustrated desire. Desire with a target. Always running away from where we are. A man in a boat in stillness. Infinity surroundsContinue reading “A Man in a Boat”

Driven by Fear

Coercion, hostility, anger, rejection; are all signs of fear. They cease to exist when there is no fear. These are paraphrases of points Krishnamurti made repeatedly. The dynamics surrounding fear cannot be ignored. They inflect not only how we react and respond ourselves, but hold some key to how we can find ways to speakContinue reading “Driven by Fear”

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