On Futility and Surrender

We cannot strive our way out of alienation. I have always felt the need to look into that which we all would prefer to leave unexamined, unseen, and unsaid. This drive seems to stem from having spent the first fifty-odd years of my life caught in double-binds. From childhood on it always appeared that whatContinue reading “On Futility and Surrender”

The Edifice of Thought*

Originally posted on Antonio Dias:
Thought shapes thinking. We cannot think differently unless we become aware of how thought shapes our thinking. There is a shape implicit in thought, forming a trajectory for our thinking, that is there as we gather a thought. Right there in the act of thinking itself. Technological thinking, institutionalized, taught…

Maybe this will help…

How may we see past our confusion I’m coming to realize there’s something that must puzzle anyone coming to these essays unable to decipher what’s being proposed. We expect a certain trajectory. An ideological position to be established and pieces written to support or further a position. An argument is made for or against. DisagreementContinue reading “Maybe this will help…”


Why the Anthropocene is a Narcissist’s delusion. The stories we tell ourselves…. This tale began as a kind of warning. At least that’s how it seemed. We were entering a phase beyond nature where human activity dominated the destiny of the earth and its life-forms. We were bringing about a Sixth Great Extinction. It shouldContinue reading “Anthropopause”

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