On Futility and Surrender

We cannot strive our way out of alienation. I have always felt the need to look into that which we all would prefer to leave unexamined, unseen, and unsaid. This drive seems to stem from having spent the first fifty-odd years of my life caught in double-binds. From childhood on it always appeared that whatContinue reading “On Futility and Surrender”

Chefs and Sea Captains

Chefs and sea captains and drill sergeants and Zen masters have been born in and borne by a legacy of abuse passed down the generations. It would be easy to condemn them outright for their aggression, but only if we fail to look at their motivations…. There is something widespread and deeply similar behind whatContinue reading “Chefs and Sea Captains”

Self-Preservation, Musings on Imagination

We’ve been living through the dissolution of our instincts for self-preservation. Why is that? One explanation leans on our habit of looking for a polarity; that there is a good nature and an evil one and that we are caught in a perpetual struggle between them. The trouble with this way of looking at itContinue reading “Self-Preservation, Musings on Imagination”

The Edifice of Thought*

Originally posted on Antonio Dias:
Thought shapes thinking. We cannot think differently unless we become aware of how thought shapes our thinking. There is a shape implicit in thought, forming a trajectory for our thinking, that is there as we gather a thought. Right there in the act of thinking itself. Technological thinking, institutionalized, taught…

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