A note on Compassionate Curiosity

Gabor Maté‘s term, Compassionate Curiosity, builds on what Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm developed in their concept of Dialogue.

Compassionate Curiosity takes what was implicit in Bohm’s project and brings to it a fresh light. Compassionate Curiosity is simple enough to understand. It means that we approach a question, or a statement made in the midst of an inquiry, without judgment, without falling into an expectation that there will, on the bottom-line of some ledger somewhere, be someone to blame. More than that, it posits an attitude of embracing inquiry from within an atmosphere and with an energy of Love.

The two terms belong together. The more we examine this conjunction the clearer this becomes. Curiosity is a yearning born of love. Compassion is the way love inspires us to relate with the world, with each other. Together they can be taken to describe an attitude and an approach to life fundamental to any Navigation of the Tangible.

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